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By Randolph Family Dentistry
March 06, 2020
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Embarrassed about not having a full set of pearly whites and are unsure of which tooth restoration treatment is best for you? Perhaps you should consider dental implants. Essentially, an implant is made up of a titanium rod that’s implanted into the jawbone to act as an artificial tooth root for a synthetic tooth. Here at Randolph Family Dentistry in Randolph, MA, our dentists Dr. Eyad Salloum and Dr. Preethy Sarah George often recommend implants for people who have missing teeth due to the myriad of benefits they can offer. Still not convinced if implants are suitable for you? Find out how you can benefit from them here.

Dental Implants Can Last a Lifetime

The most vital thing about implants is that they’re developed to last a really, really long time, even a lifetime, considering that you keep on top of your oral health. Since the titanium rod or post will be implanted into your jawbone so that it can effectively replicate the function of your real tooth root structure ensuring that the bond will be extremely durable.

Dental Implants Don’t Move or Slip

Because your dentist in Randolph, MA, will surgically implant the dental implant into your jawbone and the replacement tooth on top are not detachable, the implant won’t ever move or slip as you go about your life. You also won’t have to be concerned about any food restrictions because the implant will work exactly like the natural tooth you lost. In addition, you can go on about your typical oral hygiene practices, as is. You won’t have to remove and put anything back before and after brushing and flossing.

Dental Implants Safeguard Your Other Teeth

The space left behind by missing teeth could cause the neighboring real teeth to shift and move out of their proper placement. Consequently, this could eventually lead to bite problems if not treated as soon as possible. However, with implants in place, the neighboring teeth will stay in their proper places.

Dental Implants Help Preserve Jawbone Tissue

There’s no way around it, your jawbone will eventually shrink when you are missing a tooth. However, because implants are fixed into your jawbone and serve as synthetic teeth roots, they provide your jawbone the stimulation it needs to stay healthy and prevent deterioration.

Dental Implants Help You Restore Your Smile

Implants and the crowns on top of them are the closest teeth replacement option to real teeth. As an added bonus, they work and look like your real teeth. This means that they will look perfect every time you flash your beautiful smile.

Find Out If Dental Implants are Right For You.

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